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Eyewear Selection

You are in one of the most upscale communities in the world. Where else would you look to find the stylish and unique Palm Beach eyewear that communicates this to everyone who sees you? Right here at the best kept secret in the Palm Beach area.

Gardens Vision Boutique in Palm Beach Gardens was created especially for you. We have brought in a very wide selection of some of the most beautiful, classic and special frames available. In addition, we have provided good quality frames to fit any budget. Take a look at some of  our wide variety providing you just what you need…


“F8″ is a premium protective eyewear brand centered around protection and performance. All F8 models incorporate advanced eyetrim, frame and fit technologies. When compliant frames are fitted with the appropriate polycarbonate lenses, the eyewear meets or exceeds the ASTM guidelines. These standards have become increasingly important in the now and future of protective-performance eyewear worn during organized and alternative sports. Among these are tennis, racquetball, handball or paddle ball, soccer, squash and basketball.

Rec Specs has been the leader in the growing national movement promoting eye safety during scholastic and recreational sports. Introduced in 1978 as the first prescription protective sports eyewear, today eyecare professionals all over the USA and the world rely on Rec Specs when it comes to providing the best possible protective sports eyewear to both children and adults. Rec Specs is the first protective sports eyewear to receive the AOA Seal of Approval.


Sun performance eyewear are engineered for: *A specific lifestyle sport *An anatomically correct fit *A personalized prescription *Lenses chosen to compliment the activity of the sunglass wearer Frames and lenses prescription and non prescription specific for the lifestyle sports we cater to are:

SPEED AND MOTION: Motorcycling, cycling, mountain biking and running

SNOW: Winter sports, skiing and snow boarding

WATER: Fishing, water sports, boating

CROSS TRAINING: Multiple sports-running, hiking etc.

SWIM: Swimming, scuba, snorkeling

GOLFING: Great wrap frames with polarized lenses that darken and lighten. We are dedicated to offering the best eyewear solutions for athletes and active people everywhere. In doing so we help to protect your vision and improve performance with Rxable performance sunglasses. The style we use engineered and innovative across the collection. We offer performance sunglasses for use-specific basis. Each style has unique, functional product advantages. If you ever wanted a wrap-around Oakley look but could  not wear them because of prescription needs, now it is possible. These wrap frames are with ILLUSION TECHNOLOGY, perfect for the eyeglass customer who has a demanding prescription but still enjoys the look of a wrapped swept back sunglass. Awesome look in prescription eyewear!

MOTORCYCLING, CYCLING and SKIING benefit with MAGTRAXION TECHNOLOGY, which uses unique magnetic technology combined with skillfully engineered sunglass designs to convert from fashionable sunglasses to high performance eyewear in seconds – it’s like getting two frames for the price of one. These have removable magnetic eyecups that provide maximum peripheral coverage, with integrated venting which allows natural airflow for reduced fogging. These easily secure to the frame and work great. Dr. Marino and many of his long distance motorcycling friends wear these riding eyewear in prescription form and over thousands of miles of use day and night, rain or shine have put these to the test.

You can have polarized lenses black or brown, DRIVEWEAR LENSES by TRANSITIONS that are polarized lense that lighten and darken. Transition lenses in grey or brown that darken and then lighten to CRYSTAL CLEAR for all day and night use with one pair. These can be mirrored if you wish and work GREAT!

Need a bifocal or invisible progressive bifocal type lens with these features too? NO PROBLEM! There are a dozen great styles for motorcycling, and there are many of these that are great  as well for cycling and mountain biking. There are other cycling and mountain biking styles as well, that similar lenses are useable in. THE WRAP SHAPES DELIVER EXCELLENT PERIPHERAL VISION AND THE REMOVEBLE VENTED EYECUPS HELP PROTECT THE EYES FROM WIND, DUST AND LIGHT FLYING PARTICLES, SCREENING OUT DEBRIS. MOST ARE DESIGNED TO BE HEAD-HUGGING AND FIT UNDER MOST HELMETS!

GOLFING glasses have been extemely popular cool wrap frames with the Brown DRIVEWEAR LENSES that lighten and darken due to the sun or cloud cover, and change with dawn to dusk light. with fantastic definition on the faiways and greens. A big hit!


Some of the high-end brands we offer include Betsy Johnson, Cadillac, CAVIAR, CAZAL, COLUMBIA, COSTA del MAR, Ed Hardy, Exottica, Fendi, Gucci, Guess, Helium, Humphreys, Jhane Barnes, Konishi, Liberty Sport, Michael Kors, Mikado, Pro Design Denmark, Roberto Cavalli, Takumi, Silhouette, Splash and Vera Wang.