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Children’s Vision

Attention Parents:

Did you know that problems with reading could stem from a correctable vision problem?

The following is a list of symptoms for vision problems that interfere with a childs ability to read and learn. Even children with “20/20″ can be missing one of the 17 visual skills required for reading and learning, so be sure to bring your children into our Palm Beach Gardens eye clinic for a comprehensive vision exam even they have passed prior vision screenings. A screening is a superficial check, not a comprehensive eye examination.

To determine whether or not your child may have a vision problem interfering with learning, please look over the following list of symptoms. Ask your child, when reading or doing close work:

  1. Do your eyes feel tired?
  2. Do your eyes feel uncomfortable?
  3. Do you have headaches?
  4. Do you feel sleepy?
  5. Do you lose concentration?
  6. Do you have trouble remembering what you have read?
  7. Do have double vision?
  8. Do you see the words move jump, swim or appear to float on the page?
  9. Do you feel like you read slowly?
  10. Do your eyes ever hurt?
  11. Do your eyes ever feel sore?
  12. Do you feel pulling around the eyes?
  13. Do you notice the words or coming out of focus?
  14. Do you lose your place?
  15. Do you have to reread the same line of words?

If your child has even one of these symptoms, be sure to schedule an eye exam today.

Please bring this checklist with you for your childs appointment.

1 in 4 children struggle with reading and learning because of undiagnosed vision problems.

It is estimated that over 60% of problem learners have undiagnosed vision problems.

The majority of the vision problems that interfere with reading and learning are very treatable.

Vision problems can have a serious impact on a childs education. Don’t wait to see if this next school year will be better. Take action today if you child is not performing well in school of doesn’t like or avoids reading.

Do you know the symptoms of a vision problem that interferes with reading and learning?

Following is a list of the more common symptoms:

  • Child dislikes reading
  • Skips or rereads lines
  • Prefers to be read to
  • Loses place when reading
  • Trouble seeing the board or overhead projections
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty remembering what has been read
  • Difficulty paying attention, ADD/ADHD
  • Number or letter reversals such as b or d
  • Homework takes longer than it should

If you have a school age child schedule a comprehensive Vision Exam for them today. Children generally do not complain of vision difficulty especially if they never had eyeglasses before. They do not have anything to base their visual ability by. They think everyone else sees the same way they do.

Many times much time and money is wasted on tutors with poor results when visually the child is not seeing well or interpreting well what they are trying to read and learn.